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Medicare doesn’t cover everything. We help people understand Medicare and the coverage options available. We’re confident that we have the best Medigap insurance rates for you. Medigap plans are also known as Medicare Supplement insurance plans.

People on Medicare buy a Medigap plan to cover the “gaps” that exist within Original Medicare. If you’re new to Medicare you probably have stacks of information on your kitchen table or desk from agents and insurance companies telling you what you need to do. Or, you may have family and friends already on Medicare that you confide in for all your Medicare questions.

You may not be new to Medicare but you still may have some confusion as to what’s the best way to get your Medicare. Yes, you do have different choices and options available to you and without the right counsel and assistance, you could see some or a lot of your retirement go towards high out-of-pocket medical costs. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your current situation.


The Problem

Medicare covers only 80% of Medicare-approved services. That leaves you with the other 20%, plus deductibles. Whether you are new to Medicare or not, most people who enroll in a Medigap plan never hear from that agent again. If you don’t have an active & engaged independent agent on your side, working for you, it will cost you. Just because your agent is “local” doesn’t mean they will service your needs properly.



Whether you’re replacing your current Medicare Supplement plan or buying one for the first time, we do a complete assessment of your current needs and situation to determine what plan is the best.



We are your resource for Medicare & Medigap insurance. As an independent insurance agency, we offer plans from the most highly-rated insurance companies in the country and our confident that we have the best Medigap insurance rates.

We want to do more for you then just enroll you in a great Medigap insurance plan. We actually want to serve you, the client, and keep you as a customer for life. Our clients know to contact us first about anything related to Medicare and their policy. We have systems in place that help us to notify you of any potential rate increase, allowing us to make sure you always have the best rates possible.

Our organization has been professionally providing Medicare Supplemental insurance products for many years. In addition, we excel in excellent policy-holder practices to better serve our clients and prospects.



The purpose of this website is to educate you. We post information here to inform you on how to take the right steps when shopping and then ultimately buying your Medigap plan. We are an independent, senior-focused, nationwide insurance agency and we want to earn your business.

Hopefully by taking the time to educate yourself on our site, you will trust us and allow us to assist you with your Medicare Supplement needs. We know Medicare can be confusing and we want to help.


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